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Tokyo - Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa - Kyoto - Koyasan - Osaka - Hiroshima
Fukuoka - Hakata - Nagasaki - Unzen - Kumamoto - Ibusuki - Kagoshima - Aso - Kurokawa-Onsen - Beppu - Hakata
Mt. Fuji & Hakone - Nikko & Kegon Waterfall - Nara - Kyoto
Departure Jan. 3 - Dec. 30 2011
Catering Dinner & breakfast at Shirakawago and Koyasan
**Breakfast surcharge per person**
12 days/optional for: Hiroshima
Category A: 210€/25€
Category B: 210€/46€
Transportation Transport via airport bus or local bus
(Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa)
Tour "Tokyo Morning Tour" on the second day, "Nara and Kyoyo Tour by foot" on the eight day (in English)
Luggage 1 suitcase/ peace of luggage per person will be transported from Tokyo to Kyoto on the fourth day and from Kyoto to Osaka on the tenth day. In order to make your trip more comfortable we recommend that you only take a small peace of luggage per person from Takayama to Kanazawa and on to Koya.
Minimum number of participants -
  Adults Children 6-11 years Single room surcharge
Category A 1.945 € 1.621 € 630 €
Category B 2.158 € 1.825 € 769 €
*Arrival in March, April, May, October and November: additional 92 € per person
Day 1: Tokyo (arrival) Day 2: Tokyo

Arrival at Narita Airport (Tokyo International Airport). Airport pickup through an assistant. Transfer to the hotel via airport bus (approx. 85 minutes).


Morning: Tokyo Morning Tour (Japan Holiday Tours)
*Sightseeing: Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower, Imperial East Garden and the district of Ginza
*The tour ends on Ginza. You will return to the hotel by yourself.
Afternoon: at your own disposal

Overnight stay in Tokyo Overnight stay in Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo Day 4: Tokyo - Takayama

You may arrange your day as you wish.
Alternative tour:
1*Mt. Fuji & Hakone,
2*Nikko & Kegon Waterfall World Heritage

Your luggage will be brought from Tokyo to Kyoto.
Please hand your luggage over to the porter or to the receptionist at 7.30 in the morning. You should however take some luggage with you for your stay in Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa. Afterwards please proceed to Shinagawa or Tokyo station. Then take the expresstrain to Takayama (e.g. to Nagoya by Shinkansen):
After your arrival the distance from the train station to the hotel amounts only a few minutes by foot.

Overnight stay in Tokyo Overnight stay in Takayama
Day 5: Takayama - Shirakawago Day 6: Shirakawago - Kanazawa

Free time up until departure.
At 12:50 o'clock you will take the bus to Shirakawago (Arrival: 13:40)
After your arrival please proceed to your accommodation (10 minutes by foot)

At 11.10 o'clock you will take the bus to Kanazawa (Arrival. 12.25)
When you arrive proceed to your accommodation.

Overnight stay in Shirakawago Overnight stay in Kanazawa
Day 7: Kanazawa - Kyoto Day 8: Kyoto

Free time at your disposal until departure.
Late afternoon: Ride with the expresstrain to Kyoto (approx. 2 hours)
Proceed to the accommodation upon arrival

Morning: Nara and Kyoto one day tour by foot (Japan Holiday Tour)
*Nara: Visit of the Todaiji-Tempel, Nara-Park and Kofukuji-Tempel
*Lunch is not provided
*Kyoto: Visit of the Kiyomizu-Tempel, Kodaiji-Tempel, Yasaka-Shrine and the district of Gion

Overnight stay in Kyoto Overnightstay in Kyoto
Day 9: Kyoto Day 10: Kyoto - Koyasan

The whole day is at your free disposal

Your luggage will be brought to Osaka. Please hand your luggage to the porter or receptionist at 7.30 in the morning.
You will meet your English speaking assistant at the hotel and afterwards you will go to Shin-Imamiya.
You will go to the Koyasan by train and ropeway over the Gokurakubashi bridge by yourself.
The afternoon is at your own disposal.

Overnight stay in Kyoto Overnight stay in Koyasan
Day 11: Koyasan - Osaka Day 12: Osaka (departure)

You will leave Koyasan individually for Osaka with the ropeway and the train over Gokurakubashi.
Upon arrival in Osaka please head to the accommodation.
Afternoon at your free disposal.

Adjourn to the Kansai International Airport by airport bus


Overnight stay in Osaka  
*5  Optional tour: HIROSHIMA 2 nights
Day 11: Koyasan - Hiroshima Day 12: Hiroshima

By ropeway, train and Shinkansen you will arrive in Hiroshima starting from the Koyasan and passing through Osaka.

You may spend the whole day as you wish.
Optional: one day Hiroshima and Miyajima
(available Mo., Tue., Fr. and Sat. for 123€ per person, 105€ per child)

Overnight stay in Hiroshima Overnight stay in Hiroshima
Day 13: Hiroshima - Osaka Day 14: Osaka (departure)

Take the Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Osaka.
The afternoon is at your free disposal

Adjourn to the Kansai International Airport via airport bus

Overnight stay in Osaka  
Option: alternative tour to Hiroshima with two overnight stays (surcharge)
  Adults Children 6-11 years Single room extra
Category A 377 € 267 € 43 €
Category B 439 € 334 € 58 €
Nara & Kyoto one day tour by foot
  • Pick-up service is not available. The tour begins form the main entrance of Kyoto Central Station.
  • Roundtrip with the Kinetsu-Express Train to Nara
  • After the Nara-Tour you will have time for a lunch break. Afterwards you will meet the guide in front of Kyoto Central Station
  • It is arranged for a one-way-transfer to the district of Kiyomizu with the public bus
  • The Kyoto tour ends in the Gion district
Please select one of the categories out of the hotel list presented below. If one of the listed hotels should not be available, we can accomodate you with another hotel in exchange for a little surcharge.
City Tokyo Kyoto Kanazawa Osaka
Category A Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa New Miyako Hotel (Main) Kanazawa Miyako Hotel New Hankyu Osaka
Category B Park Hotel Tokyo New Miyako Hotel (South) ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kanazawa Rihga Royal Osaka
City Hiroshima Shirakawago Koyasan Takayama
Category A Hotel New Hiroden Koemon (Minshuku) Fukuchiin (Shukubo) Hida Hotel Plaza
Category B Granvia Hiroshima
Departure 3. Jan - 30. Dec 2011
Catering Dinner and breakfast in Unzen, Ibusuki, Aso, Kurokawa-Onsen and Beppu
**Breakfast-surcharge per person**
110 €
Transportation Transport via Shinkansen and express train
Transport via public bus (Nagasaki - Unzen, Aso - Kurokawa and Kurokawa - Beppu)
Transport via ferry (Shimabara Gaiko - Kumamoto)
Minimum number of participants 2
Price Adults: 1.953 €
Children (6-11): 1.286 €
Day 1: Fukuoka (arrival) Day 2: Hakata

Arrival at Fukuoka airport or the JR train station Hakata.
Pick-up by an assistant, transfer to the hotel by subway or by foot.

The whole day is at your free disposal

Overnight stay in Fukuoka Overnight stay in Fukuoka
Day 3: Hakata - Nagasaki Day 4: Nagasaki - Unzen

Head to Hakata station and take the express train to Nagasaki (about 120 min.)
Then head to your accommodation upon arrival.

You will take the local bus to Unzen (about 100 min.).
*After your arrival we recommend that you contact the hotel so that one of the hotel staff can pick you up and acompany to your accommodation.

Overnight stay in Nagasaki Overnight stay in Unzen
Day 5: Unzen - Kumamoto Day 6: Kumamoto - Ibusuki

You will take the local bus to Shimabara harbour and then the ferry to Kumamoto harbour
Upon arrival please head to the accomodation by yourself via bus.
The afternoon is at your free disposal.

Head to Kumamoto station and take the express train to Shin-Yatsuhiro. Then take the Shinkansen to Kagoshima-Chuo and from there the express train to Ibusuki (about 150 min.).
After you have arrived please head to your accommodation.

Overnight stay in Kagoshima Overnight stay in Ibusuki
Day 7: Ibusuki - Kagoshima Day 8: Kagoshima

Take the train to Kagoshima-Chuo (approx. 70 min.).
Upon arrival take the local bus and drive directly to the accommodation.
The afternoon ist at your free disposal.

The whole day is at your free disposal.
Overnight stay in Kagoshima Overnight stay in Kagoshima
Day 9: Kagoshima - Aso Day 10: Aso - Kurokawa Onsen
Take the express train and Shinkansen to Aso (approx. 140 min.)
Upon arrival take a taxi or bus to your accommodation (at your own expense, approx. 7 min.)
10.17: Departure from Uchinomaki (bus stop right in front of the accommodation) with the local bus.
10.57: Arrival in Kurokawa-Onsen. After arrival head to the accommodation.
Overnight stay in Aso Overnight stay in Kurokawa-Onsen
Day 11: Kurokawa Onsen - Beppu Day 12: Beppu - Hakata (Departure)
10.57: Departure from Kurokawa Onsen with the local bus
13.15: Arrival in Beppu
Please head to your accommodation upon arrival (approx. 10 min.).

You will be taking the express train to Hakata (approx. 120 min.), e.g. 11.22 Beppu - 13.15 Hakata

The tour ends at Hakata station

Overnight stay in Beppu  
Please select one of the categories out of the hotel list presented below. If one of the listed hotels should not be available, we can accommodate you with another hotel for a little surcharge.
*Japan style hotel rooms
City Fukuoka Nagasaki Unzen* Kumamoto Ibusuki*
Hotel Hakata Miyako Hotel Hotel Monterey Nagasaki Kyushu Hotel Hotel Nikko Kumamoto Kakusuikan
City Kagoshima Aso* Kurokawa Onsen* Beppu*  
Hotel Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel Kadoman Sanga Ryokan Hanabishi Hotel  
Walking tour
Departure 5.Jan - 28.Feb : Mon./Wed./Sat.
2.Mar  - 30.Nov : daily
3.Dec  - 28.Dec : Mon./Wed./Sat.
Except: 17., 29.-30. Apr, 3.-5. May, 18. Juyi, 11.-14. Aug,16., 23. Sep
Price 99 € - Adults (per person)
53 € - Children
Catering Lunch (Japanese style)
Transport by train
Trip-guide English speaking
9:00 Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal
Train goes to Hase
Durration: approx. 1,5 hours
  Hike (Hasedera Tempel and Great-Buddha)
  Lunch (Japanese style)
  Drive from Hase station to Kamakura station
Kamakura-hike (Tsurugaoka, Hachinmangu shrine, Komachi mall)
Drive from Kamakura station to Tokyo station
17:00-18:00 The tour ends at Tokyo station

Do you have a spare day in Tokyo?
We would be more than happy to arrange a tour for you!

Trip to Kamakura
The port town Kamakura, surrounden by mountains south of Tokyo, lays near the Sagami bay. During the Heian-period (794-1185) Kamakura was the capitol of the Kanto region. Kamakura is home to many buddhist tempels and Shinto shrines. The most famous might be the Kotoku-in with its in 1252 errected monumental bronz Buddha statue of Amida-Buddha. In 1498 a tsunami destroyed the tempel and the great hall, which was surrounding the Buddha. Since the the statue stands in the open.

With this tour you can explore the realms of the Amida-Buddha and the surrounding city.


Mt. Fuji & Hakone
Day trip by bus or Shinkansen (return only)


4. Jan - 30. Dec

by bus 9.00 from Hamamatsucho bus terminal
*pickup from any own larger hotel is possible
(except: 20., 27. Feb., 29. Apr., 5. May, 16.-18., 23.-24., 30.-31. Jul., 6.-7., 11.-14., 20.-21., 27.-28. Aug., 3., 10., 17.-19., 23.-25. Sep., 1., 8.-10., 15., 22., 29.-30. Oct., 5., 12., 19. Nov.)
Shinkansen (except. 20., 27. Feb., 29. Apr - 4. May, 16.-17. Jul., 11.-14. Aug., 17.-18., 23.-24. Sep., 8.-9. Oct.)
Guide English speaking  
Price Bus Shinkansen
(incl. lunch) 124 € (adult) 153 € (adult)
  62 € (child 6-11) 77 € (child 6-11)

*Drive withe the bus via highway to Mt. Fuji
Drive until the fifth stop (altitude 2305m), enjoing the beautiful landscape
*Lunch - Japanese lunch at a local restaurant
*Boat trip over the Ashi-lake
*Mt. Komagatake Ropeway
*Return to Tokyo

By bus: On the way back to Tokyo the bus will shortly stop at Odawara station for the other passengers. The tour ends in Shinjuku or Ginza. 18.30-20.30 - you will return to your accommodation individually.

Shinkansen: The tour ends between 18.00-20.00 at Tokyo Station.

  Remarks on Mt.Fuji - Hakone Tour
  1. Multilingual audio guiding devices recorded in Korean, Chinese, German and Spanish will be provided free of charge on these tours.
    Please make requests in advance to receive this special free service.
  2. Mt. Komagatake Aerial Cableway skipped due to traffic conditions without alternative on the following days: 2.-5. May, 18., 23.-24., 30.-31. Jul., 6.-7., 20.-21., 27.-28., Aug., 3., 10., 19., 25. Sep., 1., 10., 15., 22., 29.-30. Oct., 5., 12., 19. Nov., 30. Dec.
  3. When the driveway up to Mt. Fuji's 5th station is closed in winter due to heavy snow, you will go up highest possible point.
  4. Komagatake Ropeway or Cruise on Lake Ashi may also be omitted or substituted deppending on traffic, weather conditions, or for other operationnal reasons. In this case, you will enjoy one in case of either of them omitted or two for both of them omitted out of following althernatives;Narukawa Museum in Hakone, Hakone Check Point, Cruise on Lake Kawaguchi, Hakone-en Aquarium, Hakone shrine, Owaku-dani and Lake Kawaguchi Ropeway. Your tour guide will finalize alternative places, based on careful study of tour movement and other comditions.
  5. We recommend you to bring an overcoat or other warm clothing during autumn and winter.
  6. For people proceeding to Kyoto after this tour, please note that your arrival time is usually around 21:30. Due to traffic it might come to a delay, of about 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. We sincerely regret any inconveniences that might occur and hope for your understanding.
  7. Even if you go up to 5th station of Mt. Fuji, it so happens that you cannot see the full view of Mt. Fuji due to the weather conditions. We appologize but do not hold any liability and do not give any refunds.
  8. It might happen that the guide is not able to acompany you on your way back. In this case the guide will give you precise instructions on the best way from Tokyo-Station (Shinkansen) or Shinjuku/Ginza (tourbus) back to your accommodation.
  9. If the "Fuji Visitor Center" should be closed, or if it comes to a delay (due to traffic) any further sightseeing might not be possible.

Nikko & Kegon Waterfall
World Heritage

Departure Jan.-Feb.: Tue., Thur. & Sun.
Mar.-Dec.: daily
(Except 20., 27. Feb., 29. Apr. 1., 3.-5. ,18. Mai, 16.-18. Jul., 11.-14. Aug., 17.-19. ,23.-25. Sep., 1.-2., 8.-10., 15.-17., 22.-23., 29.-30. Okt., 5. Nov.)
At 9:00 am at Hamamatsu-cho-Bus-Terminal
*Picking-up at some large hotels possible
Tour Guide English speaking  
(lunch incl.)
134 € (adults) 67 € (child 6-11)
  • Toshogu Shrine
  • Lunch - Japanese-Style lunch at local restaurant
  • Irohazaka zigzag driveway up the mountains
    A bis drives up a zick-zack driveway with 20 hairpin curves, each of which has a name like "I" "RO" "HA" (A,B,C in the Japanese alphabet, called hiragana).
  • Lake Chuzenji - Lake Chuzenji at the foot of Mt.Nantai
  • Kegon Waterfall - about 100m. (351ft.) in height
  The tour ends in Ginza and Shinjuku between 19:00 and 20:00 o'clock. You will return to your accomodation by yourself. Of course we are more than happy to provide you with any advice on the best way back to your hotel.

1. It might come to a delay in your arrival in Tokyo due to heavy traffic.
2. We suggest that you wear warm clothing during the fall and winter season.
3. Because of heavy trafic the trip to the Chuzenji-lake and the Kegon-Waterfall might be cancelled.
In such a case we will provide you with alternatives such as the Rinnoji-Tempel, Taiyuin Mausoleum, Futarasan-Jinja-Shrine, Kirifuri waterfall or the Nikko-Tamozawa Imperial Villa.
4. Vegeterian meals are available. We ask for a timely order in advance.


Hiroshima & Miyajima

Departure Jan.-Feb.: Mo., Wed., Sat.
Mar., May-Sep., Nov.-Dec.: Mo., Fr., Sat..
Apr., Oct.: weekdays except for Thur.
(Except 1.-8. Jan., 6. Aug., 26.-31. Dec.)

Departure at 10:30 o'clock from Hotel

Guide English speaking  
Catering -  
Minimum number 2
140 € (adults) 120 € (child 6-11)
*Visit of the Miyajima-Island and the Itsukushima-shrine (Miyajima-Island offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Japan. The Itsukushima-Shrine was errected right next to the sea)
*Peace Memorial Park (Nuclearbombdome and the Peace Memorial Museum)
  The tour ends at the JR-Station Hiroshima between 17:30 and 18:00 o'clock
  1. Depending on the number of attendants we will offer transfer via tourbus, grouptaxi, train or streetcar.
2. Please inform us about your accomodation one night beforehand.

Please note:

  • For booking are required: your name, phone number or e-mail address and the flight number
  • For further information about the above package tours please use our contact form
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